Apr 26, 2012

Demands of Freedom

We the People of the United States to protect our Freedom against governmental corruption, corporate control, and other forms of Tyranny—do declare, ordain, and Demand the following.

As described in our Declaration of Independence, any portion of us has the Right to dissolve the political bands connecting us with any other portion. We also have the Right to alter or to abolish our government, completely or partially. Created to be our mere servant, our government must serve us, not itself. Indeed, our Declaration of Independence commemorates not only our Right but also our Duty to throw off Tyrannical government, by any means necessary.

Our Constitution, likewise, specifies the complete Rules for our government. By Article VI, the Constitution is the supreme Law of the Land: what all government laws must be pursuant to. This means that the Constitution may not be violated or circumvented by any person or by any federal, state, or local law—period. Nor can the government give itself unconstitutional powers—by martial law, civil emergency, treaty, executive order, signing statement, regulatory agency, or any other artifice.

As it creates an inherent conflict of interest, no significant part of our government may be privatized. This includes the power to create money. Historically, private banks usurp this power—and eventually the nation—by loaning out more money than what they own, through a sophisticated fraud called fractional-reserve banking. Hence, the private Federal Reserve banks must be nationalized; legal tender must only be created by the federal government by Law.

The Health of our nation is Freedom, individual freedom—not military, economic, or collective power. Coercive to our Freedom, governmental bias toward or against individuals, products, services, and organizations must end—including no-bid contracts, liability protections, tax subsidies, and selective law enforcements.

The government is a great centralization of power and therefore a natural threat to our individual freedom. To protect this freedom, we must know exactly what our supposed servant, our government, is doing. Thus, each of our congressional representatives must be given immediate and total access to all governmental information. As well, all our election processes must be open to and verifiable by the people ourselves. The most common and terrible threat to national security and to We the People in history is Tyranny by powers that corrupt government. In that vein, large corporations must also be kept in check, subordinated to the public good, and prevented from any significant influence on politics—or dissolved.

And finally, to eliminate the worst blights perpetrated on our Constitution, we must repeal Amendments XII, which extinguishes diversity within the Executive Branch; XVI, which institutes the abusive federal income tax; and XVII, which subdues the power of our state governments.

These Demands will be acted on in all due haste by a servant, but not by an enemy.